Devil’s Third

Devil’s Third

From the creative mind of legendary designer Tomonobu Itagaki comes Devil’s Third for Wii U, an over-the-top, third-person action shooter that combines modern military weaponry with ninja-style swordplay and melee combat. It has a unique vision for a deep and challenging online mode that blends clan-based action, resource management and strategy.

Take control of Ivan, a former mercenary let loose from his incarceration to take down a shadowy group he once belonged to. Ivan must use a colourful array of weaponry to shoot and attack his way through any foe standing in the way of his attempt at redemption. With fast-paced combat and finishing moves galore, a day in the life of Ivan is anything but ordinary…

In online multiplayer, do battle with other players in a number of game modes, from the traditional to the unique, in a grim future where chaos reigns supreme. As an ordinary citizen, join a clan and form allegiances with other factions, or go all-out as a mercenary and endlessly assault other player’s bases, opting for anarchy over clan diplomacy! Customise your base alongside other members of your clan, with successful battling resulting in rewards that can be used to improve your defences. With constant assaults from other clans, you’ll have to be on your toes to defend your territory.

While “Devil’s Third” for Wii U will be published by Nintendo in Europe, Valhalla Game Studios will release “Devil’s Third Online (tentative title)”, a standalone version of the game for PC. The Wii U version will feature a full multiplayer mode as well as an exciting single player story mode, while the PC version will offer a multiplayer experience tailored for the platform.