Mass Effect 3 Special Edition

Mass Effect 3 Special Edition

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The end of the universe is upon us. Galactic war against an almost unstoppable foe is ravaging through space and only one person has the power to stop it: you. Prepare to enter the fight of your life in one of the most engaging and powerful video game adventures to date when Mass Effect 3 Special Edition arrives on Wii U.

Take control of Commander Shepard, a heroic member of the human race who holds the fate of the known universe in his hands. How he (or she, depending on how you customise your character) goes about saving it, however, is entirely up to you. Before starting the main adventure, use an interactive backstory experience to catch up on events prior to those of Mass Effect 3, and pick from a selection of classes and skills that dictate your abilities in battle.

Such important decision-making also extends into the heart of the gameplay, with every choice you make having an impact on how the adventure continues. Build your perfect squad from the team-mates available, then equip them with a range of weaponry as you see fit. Choose to be a paragon of virtue or a troublesome renegade in your ultimate quest to save the day – just remember that every action you take could have potentially dire and deadly consequences further down the road…

BioWare’s debut on a Nintendo home console takes full advantage of Wii U and the innovative gameplay experiences that it provides. Thanks to the Wii U GamePad, players can use the touch screen to get an overview of their location, directly command their squad and unleash devastating attacks. Mass Effect 3 Special Edition also includes an additional mission, weapon and squad member, as well as the Extended Cut ending and fantastic high-definition visuals as standard.

Players will also be able to undertake co-operative missions online with their friends, selecting from a variety of races, classes and weapons to overcome impossible odds. As well as offering incredibly exciting action in their own right, the outcome of these missions has a direct effect on how the single-player campaign concludes, giving players more incentive to give them their all.

Packed with heart-stopping action, adrenaline-pumping action-shooter gameplay and moral choices that’ll test even the most resolute player, Mass Effect 3 Special Edition on Wii U is the ultimate experience in groundbreaking interactive storytelling.

  • Experience an emotional, action-packed science fiction adventure where every decision you make impacts the world around you
  • Use the Wii U GamePad to see an overview of the battlefield, issue squad commands and activate powers
  • Modify your character and squad as you see fit with a plethora of weapons, powers, upgrades and classes
  • Fight online with your friends in co-operative missions that directly impact the outcome of the single-player experience
  • Mass Effect 3 Special Edition on Wii U includes the From Ashes and Extended Cut ending content as part of the package