New Super Mario Bros. U + New Super Luigi U

New Super Mario Bros. U + New Super Luigi U

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The Nintendo Selects version of New Super Mario Bros. U is known as New Super Mario Bros. U + New Super Luigi U. It contains both New Super Mario Bros. U and the add-on content New Super Luigi U for double the platforming fun, only on Wii U!

New Super Mario Bros. U

In New Super Mario Bros. U, Mario, Luigi and Toad are joined by a new character – you! Play as your Mii character to run, leap and stomp through a 2D side-scrolling Mario adventure. Explore a giant world map full of brand new courses, and experience ways to play that are only possible on Wii U.

Transform into Flying Squirrel Mario to swoop through stages and cling to walls, or hold onto Balloon Baby Yoshi to float gracefully through the air. Different coloured Yoshis and new power-ups offer fresh ways to play and experience the Mushroom Kingdom, while some old favourites are sure to return!

With the Wii U GamePad, multiplayer becomes even more enjoyable than ever. Up to four players with Wii Remote controllers can run and leap through all-new stages as an additional player joins in with Boost Mode on the GamePad. Using Boost Mode, the player in charge of the GamePad can tap the touch screen to place platforms on the TV screen, which adds an exciting new facet to classic Mario gameplay. Players can all work together to clear a course, or engage in some good-natured competition in a race to grab coins and power-ups – while avoiding bothersome blocks being placed by their GamePad-toting friend! If co-operation is your aim, Boost Mode lets you place platforms strategically to access hidden areas or find faster paths through levels. Race along routes you can only reach by working together, and set new score or time records with friends and family.

In New Super Mario Bros. U, a variety of gameplay modes offer plenty of opportunities to stretch your Super Mario skills. In Boost Rush mode courses scroll automatically, scrolling faster as you collect more coins. Two to five players must work together to clear the course as quickly as possible, and after finishing you can watch a replay of other players’ runs to get some ideas for your next attempt.

For a real test of your abilities, try Challenge Mode. Play Time Attack, 1-Up Rally and much more, on your own or in multiplayer, and try to set new best scores and unlock further challenges. Learn how to make your Boost Mode gameplay more effective with Boost Mode Challenges, and watch a replay after completing each Challenge to think up strategies for future runs.

Ramp up the competitive spirit with Coin Battle mode. While two to four players go head-to-head as individuals or teams and try to grab as many coins as possible, an additional player can use Boost Mode to place platforms and favour – or foil – a particular player. Coin Edit allows the GamePad user to place coins wherever they like, resulting in a new experience every time.

Use Miiverse to share your accomplishments with other players connected to the Nintendo Network, or leave advice, warnings and challenges for them to see as they play. This title also offers the opportunity to play on the big or small screen by switching gameplay from the TV to the Wii U GamePad’s integrated second screen at any time.

Limber up those fingers and get ready to jump right into a brand new Mario adventure, in New Super Mario Bros. U!

  • Classic Mario action: race through a 2D side-scrolling Mario adventure filled with all-new courses as Mario, Luigi, Toad and your Mii character
  • Varied modes: on top of the main game, take in Boost Rush, Challenge Mode and Coin Battle
  • TV-free play: enjoy the game on your TV or on the Wii U GamePad’s integrated second screen
  • Expand and share: ask for advice on a tough level or share an achievement with other online players through Miiverse

New Super Luigi U

In New Super Luigi U, Mario’s out of the picture – it’s Luigi’s time to shine! Take on 82 all-new courses using Luigi’s unique actions like a higher jump and greater momentum, but with only 100 seconds on the clock for each course you’ll have to hot-foot it to reach the Goal Pole in time! Jump into multiplayer with friends and family, where Nabbit is playable for the first time – while this cheeky character can’t use power-ups, he also doesn’t take any damage if he bumps into enemies, so he’s an ideal character for anyone who finds action games tricky.