The Legend of Zelda – Breath of the Wild

The Legend of Zelda – Breath of the Wild


DLC-pakket 2: The Champion’s Ballad – now available!

You can continue the unforgettable adventure with the expansion pass for The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. You can now download the second DLC package “The Champion’s Ballad”!

Enter a world filled with adventure

Forget everything you’ve ever learned about The Legend of Zelda games. Make a voyage of discovery in a world of adventure in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, a ground-breaking new game in the award-winning series.


Open your eyes

After a hundred years of sleep, Link wakes up in a world he can not remember. The legendary hero must explore a vast land full of dangers and find out what happened, before Hyrule goes down for good. With no more than the weapons and equipment that Link finds along the way, the hero sets off to find answers and scrape up supplies.

Discover the vast world surrounding you

Explore Hyrule the way you want. Climb towers and mountain peaks to see new destinations, and use the mysterious Sheikah stone to view a map of Hyrule and find interesting sights.

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Link can travel great distances on horseback. He can also use rafts to cross lakes and rivers, and with his shield he can whiz down snow-covered mountain slopes at lightning speed. In addition, Link can explore Hyrule from above with the help of its glider.

Fight for your kingdom

Thanks to his instinct and ingenuity, Link can find all kinds of weapons to fight . Weapons wear out over time, so Link must constantly expand its arsenal.

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Besides weapons, you also need the right tactics. Link can, among other things, fire arrows with special effects and use explosives to prevail in battle.


Be prepared for anything

Go hunting for wild animals, collect fruit and vegetables, or attack enemy camps to find food with which Link can continue his journey. You can even learn recipes to prepare a real feast! A good meal is not only very tasty, but also restores the health of Link and provides stronger properties.

Link also has the choice of a number of stylish outfits that protect him from the elements and even from enemy projectiles. In the course of the adventure you will encounter all kinds of items of clothing for Link, such as warm winter clothing and a harness.

Be careful, because if you walk around in your armor during a thunderstorm, it can have shocking consequences …


Enhance your adventure with amiibo

You can make your adventure extra special with amiibo (sold separately). By some amiibo you receive random objects every day, while you can use the Wolf Link amiibo to call that character, so that he accompanies you during your adventures.