Mario Kart Tour – Online Multiplayer Beta coming Christmas?

Mario Kart Tour – Online Multiplayer Beta coming Christmas?

Dataminers have found two very interesting strings in the latest Mario Kart Tour update. They found two strings that are scheduled to go live on December 25, 2019 informing players that the multiplayer beta is live. 

What was found

If their assumption that “201912_250” means “December 25, 2019” is true, then the beta should kick off next week.

Nintendo confirmed it earlier

Mario Kart for mobile phones, Mario Kart Tour, will get its first taste of real-time multiplayer this December. Nintendo will run a beta test before the end of the year, the company said on Twitter.

But that multiplayer test will be restricted to players who subscribe to Mario Kart Tour’s Gold Pass.

Mario Kart Tour’s Gold Pass costs $4.99 per month and grants subscribers access to the mobile karting game’s fastest speed class, 200cc, and other cosmetic rewards. Early access to multiplayer is another perk, and a way for Nintendo to keep the multiplayer pool limited for now.

But is that worth the price? What do you gusy think?