[FACT] Nintendo Direct – January 11?

[FACT] Nintendo Direct – January 11?

For a while we all already assumed that this January, a Nintendo Direct will take place, but we do not know when.

The goal of the next edition of Nintendo Direct will most likely be to show the games that will come out this year for Nintendo Switch and Nintendo 3DS. But also to look back briefly on the success of 2017.

Origin expected date Nintendo Direct

A Reset Era (https://www.resetera.com/)  member claims he has learned that the next Nintendo Direct is scheduled for Thursday, January 11, 2018. If it were true that is less than 1.5 weeks away.

Although it’s not concrete information, the Nintendo Direct dates and other information previously leaked on forums such as Reset Era and NeoGAF.

As always, we will have to wait, however, until Nintendo themself announces the Nintendo Direct.

What do you expect from the upcoming Nintendo Direct?

We have already made some suggestions but rather with how Nintendo has surprised us again and again  last year … everything is possible!