A possible Nintendo Switch revision?

A possible Nintendo Switch revision?

Nintendo is somewhat renowned for revising their hardware. Whether it be colour variations, improved specifications or special editions, Nintendo consoles never really see just one version of themselves getting released.

Now some are speculating that the Nintendo Switch will be no different.


GameFaq member ORANGE666 spotted that Nintendo registered ‘HAT-001’.

To make things a little clearer, Nintendo had registered ‘HAT-002’ quite some time ago which resembles a portable development version of the Switch console similar to the design of what we know as the Nintendo Switch at this time.

And to put things into perspective, usually, Nintendo uses ‘001’ to signify a consumer console as it was used for the Nintendo DS, Nintendo 3DS and the NintendoWii U. The current retail version of the Switch is  known as HAC-001 and the Nintendo Switch dock is HAC-007.

All in all it wouldn’t be too surprising to see if this new registration points towards a revision or new colour of the Nintendo Switch or something else.

If we can think out loud; what we would like a SNES like D-Pad on our Joycon, for the Nintendo Switch itself … well a hardware revision itself merely a year in seems unlikely. As for colors … meh … sure that is nice but does it really add something? Besides that we really dont have anything to complain or even want for when it comes to the Nintendo Switch.

Do you guys have any suggestions?