Bravely Default for Nintendo Switch?

Bravely Default for Nintendo Switch?

The Nintendo 3DS published two volumes in the series Bravely and this led Square Enix two very good turn-based RPGs for the Nintendo handheld.

Perhaps Nintendo Switch owners can over time also dig into at least one game in this series. Square Enix has placed a remarkable image on the Japanese Bravely Default Twitter account;

This is a image Edea Lee with a Joy-con in her hand and a Nintendo Switch in one of the stockings. This ensures that fans already speculating Bravely Default is coming to Nintendo Switch.

Not familiar with Bravely Default?

In Bravely Default, quest through Luxendarc to awaken the crystals in a unique and innovative RPG experience, only on Nintendo 3DS family systems. Meet mysterious allies and terrible foes from all corners of the world, and best your enemies in instantly accessible turn-based battles.

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