Disney action game remake reportedly in the works

Disney action game remake reportedly in the works

Fans of Disney’s many action-based titles might be in for a pleasant surprise quite soon. The developers at PlayMagic are working on a remake of a ‘Disney IP Action Game’ .

And on top of that one with a release on major platforms including Nintendo Switch.

This became evident thanks to an update on PlayMagic CEO Giuseppe Crugliano’s LinkedIn profile. The same information is also highlighted on PlayMagic’s official company website, which all but confirms that the project is in the works:

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Readers might also note that PlayMagic is working on the upcoming XIII Remake – so this Disney remake listing is definitely not in inexperienced hands.

The only question now is: which Disney IP remake is PlayMagic actually working on? Some murmurs have stated that we could see a remake of the Wii title Epic Mickey or its sequel – but all of that is purely speculation by fans for now.