EA’s Frostbite Engine now supported?

EA’s Frostbite Engine now supported?

EA is a huge video game publisher and developer as most of you surely know, but their Nintendo Switch support thus far hasn’t quite been what owners of the popular console expected.

We’ve had only a handful of EA games and those are two version of the best-selling annual football franchise FIFA and platformer Fe. Which are not bad games … but still they did not use the primary engine EA has been using on other platforms.

Frostbite coming?

YouTuber Doctre81 is reporting that he’s discovered on LinkedIn that EA has been busy working on getting the impressive Frostbite engine up and running on the Nintendo Switch.


This is just a rumor at the moment, so don’t get your hopes up, but it sounds promising if true. I wonder if the engine runs what it would mean in difference between that and the custom engine EA has been using on Nintendo Switch.

Let’s hope EA clears the air on this soon.