[FACT] Kirby Star Allies Demo coming March 4th?

[FACT] Kirby Star Allies Demo coming March 4th?

An advert on Google which was presumably authorised by Nintendo states that there’s a demo coming for Kirby Star Allies on the Nintendo Switch.

The advert says that the demo will be available for download on March 4th.

It’s interesting as Nintendo doesn’t usually release demos for its big titles but the latest Kirby title could be an exception. We shall have to see.

To demo or not to demo

In general though; wouldn’t Nintendo be better of just offering demo versions of each of it’s games?
Sure it costs time to also produce a demo version but it has so many advantages for both parties;

Nintendo can get feedback on a game before the actual release.

That way both digital and physical buyers a like will always be able to get an example of how a game truly is. Sure reviews help a lot but experiencing a game first hand just can not be compared to it.