Metroid Prime 4’s environments outsourced?

Metroid Prime 4’s environments outsourced?

It’s been quit for far too long when it comes to Metroid Prime 4‘s development  after it was being completely restarted.

It now appears as though Nintendo could be speeding up development of Retro Studio’s game by outsourcing the environment work to another developer, which is quite common. This news was discovered by YouTuber Doctre81 via a job posting he came across;


Earlier release?

What will this mean for the timeframe of Metroid Prime 4 though is all but speculation at this point. Lets’ just hope Nintendo will at least devote some time to it in the  almost certain to happen January Nintendo Direct.

All we really know about the title at this point is that the game tells a new story linked to the Prime series and is being developed by a new team within Nintendo, led by Metroid producer Kensuke Tanabe.