Super Smash Bros Ultimate – 2.0 Patch soon

Super Smash Bros Ultimate – 2.0 Patch soon

A known leaker Oatmealdome, discovered that we could be getting a new patch for the popular Super Smash Bros Ultimate very soon.

Nintendo hasn’t announced anything just yet, but the patch could contain Piranha Plant and some additional balance changes. If anything is announced we shall let you know.

What would you like to see?

Personally some balancing and way better and I mean way better matchmaking when it comes to online. That is mostly the thing I have been avoiding about the lag that I have been experiencing with it. And yes I am even using the LAN adapter and internet  itself should not be a problem.

Besides that the game is awesome as you all might of course already know. I finished collecting all the spirits, besides World of Light, Classic Mode, and most the challenges (except for the online ones)

But what would you like to see?