[FAKE] Switch Firmware 5.0?!

[FAKE] Switch Firmware 5.0?!

A video appeared online recently reportedly showing the next big firmware update, 5.0, for the Nintendo Switch. Due to a number of factors though it is presumed to be a fake, but it’s still quite nicely done!

The video shows things that Nintendo fans have been hoping for on the Nintendo Switch for quite a while.

Features spotted

  • Cloud Storage
  • Virtual Console folder
  • Themes
  • Proper online integration (party chat, rooms, inviting friends)
  • A proper internet browser
  • YouTube and Twitch
  • Probably even more subtle things we missed

You can watch the video below, though several high-profile people from all around the scene have debunked it and called it’s fake. But still we can not say it for sure until Nintendo announces anything about it.


We must say it does look good right?  But what do you guys think, is it real or is it fake?