[FACT] Wild Guns Reloaded?

[FACT] Wild Guns Reloaded?

Wild Guns Reloaded is a remake of Natusme’s Wild Guns, which came to the Super Nintendo (SNES) in 1994.

The game was released last year for both the PS4 and Steam, and is therefore probably heading for the Nintendo Switch. At least if we  Taiwan Games Ratings Board may believe. Since the game has gotten a rating.

Taiwan Games Ratings Board reliable

Moreover, it is not a thing that happened for the first time we noticed the sameat with the end of December with Sribblenauts Showdown which was mentioned coming.  Wild Guns Reloaded is an arcade-style shooter set in the Wild West with various Steampunk elements. 

There is no further information available, since an official announcement has not been. 

To give an impression of the game, we have the added PS4 trailer below for you;

Trailer – Wild Guns Reloaded


The SNES version we know only too well from the past, so it would be nice if this title made it to the Nintendo Switch!