Nintendo Switch – 2017 – 50 Games

Nintendo Switch – 2017 – 50 Games

If you had asked me in March how many games I would have at the end of the year for my Nintendo Switch I would have estimated somewhere close to 10. Also see the pic on the right here for comparison with the image above this post.


At that moment simply not much was known yet about what was coming. Let’s say that 2017 was a special year for Nintendo and Nintendo Switch

The result at the end of 2017 gives a slightly different result; 50 games in 2017 !!

To give you an insight into my current game collection for Nintendo Switch I have listed all the titles alphabetically below. For all the titles I have also added a brief explanation on iff the purchase was worth it etc;

  1. Arms
    Nintendo has delivered another title to shift a genre with a twist. I have not been able to spend much time with it but you can see through all updates and community that it is a hit.
  2. Blossom Tales – The Sleeping King
    Seeing it I immediately thought of The Legend Of Zelda – A Link To The Past, which I have played gray. Almost every game in that setting with a lovely art style, I simply want to play.
  3. Brawlout
    A Smash Bros. Brawl clone and something to keep us content untill Nintendo announces Smash (I would not be surprised if this would happen in the Direct in January)
  4. Cave Story +
    I never played the title before but heared so many wonderful things about it. The experience lived up to it’s name. Cave Story + has soo many enjoyable platforming goodness in it.
  5. DOOM
    DOOM on Switch … need I say more? These are the type of games Nintendo has been missing for far too long. The port by Panic Button on behalf of Bethesda is superb!
  6. Earth Atlantis
    Mainly because of the art-style, not played it that much.
  7. Enter the Gungeon
    Just aquired recently and have not gotten around to playing it. But the entire setting really appeals to me. I love me some chaos with bullets everywhere.
  8. Fast RMX
    Launch-title, fast racing, decent graphics. Due to the other launch-title (Zelda) I have barely played it.
  9. FIFA 18
    FIFA in a decent port on a Nintendo console. If I say this game is a jou on the go, then that is a huge understatement. Soccer fan? 100% recommended.
  10. Ittle Dew 2+
    Lovely art-style (I say that quite often), Zelda like puzzles (me like). Clear case right?
  11. LA Noire
    If you told me at the start of this year we where going to see Rockstar Games on the Nintendo Swtch I would have told you you’re an idiot to your face. Played only a little bit of the game (I have 50 games … that explains a lot) but this does open the door for other titles … cough cough portable GTA!
  12. Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle
    Like many I had my thought when it initially leaked. But besides Mario and Zelda this was the best suprise of the year. A MUST HAVE title for your Nintendo Switch collection.
  13. Mario Kart 8 Deluxe
    Does this really need any explanation? It’s Mario Kart in HD 60FPS … MUST HAVE!
  14. Mighty Gunvolt Burst
    I grew up playing Mega Man and even more Mega Man.  It’s not quite the same but still it will fill the void until the Megaman Legacy Collection, Megaman X Collection and Mega Man 11 arrive.
  15. Monopoly
    Actually bought it with one reason in mind; digital version on the go of the classic board game.
    Eigenlijk met 1 reden; Digitale versie van het klassieke bord-spel.
  16. NBA Playgrounds
    Did not quite live up to the hype of being the next NBA Hangtime. But still fun for in between.
  17. Oceanhorn – Monster of Uncharted Seas
    Actually played this a short time on the iPad and was therefor known with the Zelda like style of the game. Belongs on the Nintendo Switch more then on just ‘any’ tablet.
  18. One More Dungeon
    Heared about it , again I liked the art-style. Did not get to playing it yet.
  19. Pokken Tournament Deluxe
    Played the original on the  Wii U. This one is portable. So WIN.
  20. Rayman Legenda – Definitive Edition
    Rayman in my opinion is still one of the most underrated gaming characters in the world. Sadly the game had some issue which caused me stop playing it. But they should be solved by now.
  21. Resident Evil Revelations
    Actually did not play it one Wii U. mainly because 2 was only available for the Nintendo 3DS. Now I can take both … on the go.
  22. Resident Evil Revelations 2
    Same as above.
  23. Rime
    Art-style, Legend of Zelda appeal. Sadly the game runs badly on the Switch. If it would run well, I would recommend the game. But due to these problems I would even suggest avoiding the game until it gets fixed.
  24. Rocket League
    This game on the go is just pure fun!
  25. Shantae – Half Genie Hero
    Shantae’s stories have had a hold on me since the Wii days. It’s a bit of throwback but I like that in a game.
  26. Shovel Knight – Specter of Torment
  27. Shovel Knight – Treasure Trove
    Let’s combine these; Shovel Knight is without a shadow of a doubt one of the best Kickstarter campaigns ever which has grown to the extreme. If you like retro gaming then both are an absolute must.
  28. Snake Pass
    Time for something else, music by the man, the myth, the legend, Grant Kirkhope. Played it too little actually.
  29. Snipperclips Cut it Out Together Plus
    I actually own both the physical release as the original eShop release. A nice game to break away from your current main game. Fun puzzles which can often be solved in various ways.
  30. Sonic Forces
    Sonic and 3D, oh boy… it’s a love / hate thing. Every time I look forward to it, I buy the game out of love for the blue hedgehog in the back of my head and almost every time I am sad of what it has become. This game simply put should be avoided.
    Sonic en 3D is gewoon haat / liefde. Iedere keer kijk ik ernaar uit, koop ik de games met de liefde voor de blauwe egel in het achterhoofd en bijna iedere keer baal ik van wat het geworden is. Deze game is simpelweg geen aanrader. 
  31. Sonic Mania
    Sonic en 2D is a formula for success. This game is just so much fun. If Sonic Forces had not happened it would have been a awesome year for Sonic.
  32. Space Ghost
    I grew up playing R-Type and Super Axelay and therefor have a love for the genre. Beside that the setting in general of Space Ghost appealed to me a lot.
  33. Splatoon 2
    Give Nintendo any genre where you don’t think in which they will succeed and they will flip the genre around in their favour. This game has such a large following. I really suck at it … but hey  that doesn’t matter even I enjoy it. And if you can achieve that as a company with a game, you’re golden!
  34. Steamworld Dig 2
    I never played the original Steamworld Dig but when I started playing this one it just clicked. The game is so much fun. To 100% complete it there is some really frustratingly hard platforming, but it’s still an absolute joy. HIGHLY recommended.
  35. Steamworld Heist – Ultimate Edition *komt vandaag uit
    Only saw the trailer and played Steamworld Dig 2 and that made me decide to purchase it. I am sure I am going to like it. Turn based games can be so much fun!
  36. Super Mario Odyssey
    Mario is back in his first sandboxed experience in years. The game is an absolute joy to look listen and play. It’s so well made. It’s not perfect but that doesn’t really mean a thing. After 30 years Mario still proves he is the king of platforming!
  37. Teslagrad
    I bought it and have not touched it yet on my Nintendo Switch but the art-style, presentation, and type of game (Metroidvania) all appeal to me in such a big way. Besides that it was a common suggestion from friend who played it on Steam
  38. The Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth+
    Heared so much good about this title but never played id. But what I heared convinced me to purchase it. Looking forward to playing it.
  39. The Elder Scrolls V – Skyrim
    I never played Skyrim until it became available on the Nintendo Switch. Yeah I know … shame shame shame. But what little I have played so far I liked!
  40. The End is Nigh
    Art-style, gameplay a la Super Meat Boy. Love it!
  41. The Legend of Zelda – Breath of the Wild
    I don’t even know where to start when I am asked to describe BOTW in a short way. Unknown freedom which has reshaped a franchise and the open world aspect of gaming in general (that does not sound bad right?)
  42. Ultra Street Fighter II The Final Challengers
    Ultra ripoff 2, no in all fairness this game is not worth the asking price. If you look past the horribale Way of the Hadouken then you basically are looking at a Street Fighter 2 – World Warrior clone from the SNES … but now with HD graphics. I am looking way more forward to the 30 Years Anniversary collection edtion.
  43. VVVVV
    Have not played this game that long on the Nintendo Switch yet but it just remains a great game on whichever platform it is.
  44. Wonderboy – The Dragon’s Trap
    Remaster of a cult classic. Despite it sometimes being a bit too simple it is suprisingly fun. The 1 button switch between HD or retro also is a joy!
  45. Worms – WMD
    It’s Worms which is always good for some casual fun. Don’t expect more then that though!
  46. Wulverblade
    I really really liked the art-style, the Final Fight like gameplay. But the game has absurd long loading times. Advice until that is fixed; do not purchase.
  47. WWE 2K18
    Maybe the game I regret buying the most the at this point. How this game became available to stores in it’s current state still is something I can’t really grasp. That alone speaks volumes.
  48. Xenoblade Chronicles 2
    I have not quite up my mind yet about Xenoblade Chronicles 2; I like the open world, I don’t seem to like the combat that much. But I must note that I should give the game some more time before I pass judgement on it.
  49. Yono and the Celestial Elephants
    The style of the game did it. But the game is way to simple. Advice would be do not purchase.
  50. Yooka Laylee
    A game by a large part of former Rareware. I was a fan of almost al their titles. So I could not just pass this title by. Mainly because it is a tribute to a genre. I have not played it that much but I certainly have to make time for it.

From this list WWE2K18, Sonic Forces, Ultra Street Fighter 2 – The Final Challengers are titles I really regret buying. But that does not mean that a good version of those games would not be worth it to me. Who knows there might come updates that will make these games better than they are now.

Digital / Physical

Whene I can I buy my games physically. That means in some cases import games (luckily the Nintendo Switch is region-free) or games from another shop (earlier releases due to localization etc). If we look after one year’s allocation it comes down to Digital 27/23 physically. That is still pretty balanced right. 

Of those 27 digital games, there are some who are going to be released as physical versions; Rocket League and Wonderboy – The Dragon’s Trap but I doubt that I’m going to buy them physically again.

Micro-SD 2

This trend also has one additional outcome; I’m almost at my second Micro SD Card. Damn! I wish Nintendo Switch had more than 32GB of internal memory, but understand that choice. But I would like some  titles went to with better optimization of their games (textures etc) and sometimes even their save games.


If this trend continues in 2018, I can only say WOW. I love the Nintendo Switch and the opportunities it brings with will suggest the console to really anyone. I also hope that my brief explanation on the games above can save people or make up their mind on a purchase if they have doubts about the specific game.

If you still have favorites that I don’t own, or if you do not agree with some short notes here feel free to let me know!