When you talk about games, then of course you often talk about video. But how everyone deals with video does not always make us happy. For example, you are reading a nice item, turn on a video, and you cannot continue reading and checking the video.

We soon thought about the fact that on NintendoReporters we had to use video quite differently. We wanted Flexible Videos.

What are Flexible Videos?

Our videos are made in such a way that they stay inline until you scroll further than the video would fit on screen. At that moment we unplug the video player and put it down at the bottom right by default. That way you can continue reading your item AND check the video.

But we didn’t think that was enough; because there will probably be people who don’t find it useful in the bottom right corner. Go ahead, drag it wherever you want. Our videos are very flexible.

In addition, the video player has been made in such a way that when the video is finished, it will go back to its original place, without bothering you.

In regard to mobile

Of course it works a little differently on mobile, where we chose to force full screen. There are simply few situations where it is not practical on mobile.

Other details to note

If a video has closed captions, we support that.
If you want to play a video faster or slower, we support that.
Do you have a separate aspect ratio screen like 21: 9, then we support that.

In addition, we have chosen to keep the look and feel as simple and clear as possible.

In short, video without unnecessary stuff, but with ease and style!