Arcade Archives Super Pac-Man gameplay

Arcade Archives Super Pac-Man gameplay

Super Pac-Man, the newest chapter in the Arcade Archives series, landed on Nintendo Switch this week, and we now have some more gameplay. There is a total of 17 minutes of film available.

Namco introduced Super Pac-Man in 1982 as an action game. It’s a new feature for Namco’s popular game, “Pac-Man”! Consume Super Power Pellets to get invincibility and a speed boost! After that, eat a Power Pellet to transform into Super Pac-Man and eliminate all of the ghosts at once!


About Arcade Archives Super Pac-Man

NAMCO produced the action game “SUPER PAC-MAN” in 1982.

It’s a bonus feature for NAMCO’s flagship game, “PAC-MAN”!

To become indestructible and get a speed boost, eat SUPER POWER PELLETS! After that, eat a POWER PELLET to transform into SUPER PAC-MAN and wipe out all of the ghosts at once!

Many vintage arcade masterpieces have been accurately replicated in the “Arcade Archives” series.

Players may alter numerous game parameters, such as game difficulty, as well as the ambience of the arcade display at the moment. Players may also compete for top scores against players from all around the globe.

Please appreciate the masterpiece that launched a video gaming generation.

Archives of Arcade Games Super Pac-Man is available as an eShop download for Nintendo Switch. The following languages are supported: English, Japanese, French, German, Italian, and Spanish.