Atlus in 2022 – Game that will be interesting and satisfying for everyone

Atlus in 2022 – Game that will be interesting and satisfying for everyone

Atlus seem to have pretty ambitious plans when it comes to 2022. In an interview with Famitsu, Shinjiro Takada shared his hopes for the company in 2022, giving some insight on what we might expect.

2022 is a challenge

I chose “challenge” as the keyword for 2022, with the hope to release a game that will become a pillar for Atlus. All of us at Atlus are working hard to develop this game so that it will be interesting and satisfying for everyone, so please look forward to it.

Exactly what Takada could be referring to is anyone’s guess really

It’s unlikely to be the anticipated “Project Re Fantasy,” as that title is confirmed to be developed by Studio Zero, a separate Atlus division lead by the producer of the Persona series. Another title mentioned earlier called “Project Pen” comes to mind when thinking about future Atlus projects, but we don’t have any info besides it’s existence, thanks to a rating from The Australian Classification Board. 

We are ready to be surprised by Atlus though.

About Atlus

ATLUS has established itself as one of its industry’s most consistent, celebrated brands. With proven success across a variety of genres and platforms, including enthusiast-oriented games like the Shin Megami Tensei franchise of award-winning RPGs, the beloved Persona® series, and the groundbreaking action-adventure/puzzle game Catherine™, ATLUS creates exceptional, critically acclaimed interactive entertainment for a wide spectrum of players everywhere.


ATLUS was established in 1991 as Asuka, an American branch of then ATLUS Co., Ltd., with the stated mission of introducing high-quality video games for North America. ATLUS gained a following within the gaming industry for its high quality, best-in-class localization of Japanese content for the western market.

First recognized for its bold, visionary roleplaying games—most notably the acclaimed Shin Megami Tensei franchise and celebrated Persona® series—ATLUS is renowned for delivering unforgettable, story-driven gameplay experiences for dedicated and enthusiastic fans around the world.