Bandai Namco – Last Recollection trademark

Bandai Namco – Last Recollection trademark

Bandai Namco issued a new trademark for something titled Last Recollection in both Japan and Europe.

Gaming website Gematsu seems to be of the opinion that it could be related to the .hack series and is most likely a a new collection of classic games. Bandai Namco previously released the .hack//G.U. Last Recode collection which contained the latter .hack games in one bundle. However, the first four games remain only playable on the PlayStation 2. Hopes are high that the rumoured collection would include .hack//Infection, .hack//Mutation, .hack//Outbreak, and .hack//Quarantine. 

About Last Recollection

There are little facts about Last Recollection, including whether it will be the start of a new series, a sequel, a remaster, or a collection. Resetera readers believe the title refers to an as-yet-unannounced compilation of titles from the niche JRPG genre. The hack, on the other hand, is pure guesswork on their behalf.

The original tetralogy (.hack/Infection,.hack/Mutation,.hack/Outbreak, and.hack/Quarantine) was only published on PS2, and is therefore ripe for a current compilation or even a complete remaster. Just remember to hold your horses,.hack aficionados, since this is nothing more than the fan communities’ enthusiastic muttering… For the time being.