Cross-play between Sony and Nintendo Switch is happening

Cross-play between Sony and Nintendo Switch is happening

Or in any case soon it is possible to play Fortnite against people on PlayStation 4!

Sony Cross-Play

Sony has turned its position in terms of cross-play by 180 degrees, and says through a press release that it will soon be possible to play certain titles with players on competing consoles.

For 24 years we strive to provide the best game experiences to our fans through a unique PlayStation perspective. Today, the communities around certain games have evolved to a point where cross-platform experiences add significant value to players.

This is reported by John Kodera, the Global CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment on the official PlayStation blog. The first step here is an open beta with Fortnite. Other third party titles will follow later.

Fortnite only?

It is now possible to play via your PlayStation 4 Fortnite account on the Nintendo Switch. All your progress achieved will be retained.

If you have already created a second account: Epic Games is in the process of combining Battle Royale purchases and having Fornite linked to another console.

Fortnite is currently the only cross-play title on the PlayStation 4. Earlier, Sony took a very defensive stance on this phenomenon.

Do you hope that this feature will find its way to other games as well?