Danny DeVito as Wario? Exploring Super Mario Bros. Movie Sequel Options

Danny DeVito as Wario? Exploring Super Mario Bros. Movie Sequel Options


The confirmation of a sequel to the Super Mario Bros. Movie has generated significant excitement among fans. Speculation is rife about which characters will make their big-screen debut and who will voice them. One of the most popular fan choices for a new character is Danny DeVito as Wario.

In a recent interview with Daniel Merrifield, DeVito hinted at his interest in the role, adding a humorous touch about needing a good payday, which aligns with Wario’s character. The anticipation is not just about DeVito’s potential involvement but also about which other characters will appear and who will voice them. The role of voice actors in animated films is crucial, as they bring the characters to life and make them memorable. The sequel promises to introduce new dynamics and expand the Super Mario universe. Fans have taken to social media to express their excitement and share their predictions. The financial aspects of casting high-profile actors like DeVito are also a topic of discussion, as it can impact the movie’s budget and overall production.

The sequel to the Super Mario Bros. Movie is shaping up to be a highly anticipated film with a lot of buzz surrounding its cast and characters. The following article delves into these topics, providing a detailed analysis of what fans can expect from the upcoming sequel, the significance of voice actors, and the potential for Danny DeVito to join the cast as Wario.

The Excitement Around the Super Mario Bros. Movie Sequel

The Super Mario Bros. Movie has officially been confirmed for a sequel, much to the delight of fans worldwide. The first movie’s success at the box office and positive reception from audiences ensured that a follow-up was almost inevitable. As the announcement spread, the buzz about potential new characters and storylines grew, setting the stage for widespread speculation and excitement.

Fan Anticipation and Speculation

Fans of the Super Mario franchise are known for their enthusiasm and dedication. With the sequel confirmed, discussions about which characters might appear and who could voice them have taken center stage. From social media platforms to fan forums, everyone has an opinion on what the next movie should include.

Popular Fan Picks for New Characters

One of the most talked-about potential new characters is Wario, Mario’s mischievous counterpart. Wario’s inclusion in the sequel is a popular topic, with many fans suggesting various actors who could bring this iconic character to life. The character’s unique personality and history make him a perfect addition to the film’s roster.

The Role of Voice Actors in Animated Films

Voice actors play a critical role in animated films, providing the characters with their distinctive voices and personalities. A well-chosen voice actor can make a character memorable and endearing, contributing significantly to the film’s success. The right voice actor can bring depth and nuance to animated characters, making them more relatable and engaging for the audience.

Danny DeVito’s Potential Involvement

Danny DeVito is a name that has come up frequently in discussions about potential voice actors for the Super Mario Bros. Movie sequel. Known for his distinctive voice and larger-than-life personality, DeVito is seen by many as an ideal choice to voice Wario.

Danny DeVito’s Career Highlights

DeVito has had a long and successful career in Hollywood, with numerous memorable roles in both live-action and animated films. His experience and talent make him a strong candidate for bringing a character like Wario to life. From his iconic role in “Taxi” to his voice work in animated films like “Hercules” and “The Lorax,” DeVito has proven his versatility and skill as an actor.

Why Fans Want DeVito as Wario

Fans are particularly excited about the prospect of DeVito voicing Wario because of his unique voice and comedic timing. Wario’s character is known for his mischievous and greedy nature, traits that DeVito could portray perfectly. His recent interview with Daniel Merrifield, where he hinted at being open to the role, has only fueled this excitement further.

Wario: The Character and His Role

Wario is one of the most iconic characters in the Super Mario universe. Created as a foil to Mario, Wario is known for his greed, cunning, and mischievous personality. His character adds a different dynamic to the Mario series, providing a contrast to Mario’s heroism.

Wario’s Background and Traits

Wario was introduced in the game “Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins” as the main antagonist. Over the years, he has become a beloved character in his own right, starring in several games and becoming a staple in the Mario universe. His distinctive traits, such as his love for money and his mischievous behavior, make him a standout character.

Wario’s Relationship with Mario

Wario’s relationship with Mario is complex and multifaceted. While they are often portrayed as rivals, there are instances where they have worked together. This dynamic relationship adds depth to both characters and provides interesting plot possibilities for the movie sequel.

Other Characters Likely to Appear

While Wario is a popular choice, there are several other characters from the Mario universe that fans hope to see in the sequel. Characters like Daisy, Rosalina, and Bowser Jr. are frequently mentioned in fan discussions.

Speculations on New Characters

Speculation about new characters is rampant. Fans are eager to see more of the Mario universe come to life on the big screen. Each character brings unique attributes and storylines, enriching the narrative and expanding the world of the film.

Potential Voice Actors for Other Roles

Along with Danny DeVito, fans have suggested various actors for other potential roles. Names like Scarlett Johansson for Princess Daisy and Tom Hiddleston for Bowser Jr. have been floated, showcasing the high expectations fans have for the sequel’s casting.

The Financial Aspect of Casting High-Profile Actors

Casting well-known actors like Danny DeVito comes with financial considerations. High-profile actors command significant salaries, which can impact the movie’s budget. However, their involvement can also attract a wider audience, potentially increasing the film’s box office success.

Impact on the Movie’s Budget

Hiring renowned actors means allocating a substantial part of the budget to salaries. This can limit other aspects of production but can also ensure high-quality performances that elevate the film.

Negotiations and Salary Expectations

Negotiations with high-profile actors can be complex, with discussions about salary, royalties, and other benefits. DeVito’s recent comments about being paid well for the role reflect the realities of such negotiations.

Fan Reactions and Expectations

The fan base for the Super Mario franchise is incredibly passionate, and their reactions to casting news are often intense. The possibility of Danny DeVito voicing Wario has sparked a wave of excitement and speculation across social media platforms.

Social Media Buzz

Social media is abuzz with discussions about the sequel. Fans are sharing their thoughts, hopes, and predictions, creating a vibrant online community around the upcoming movie.

Predictions and Theories

Fans have developed numerous theories about the plot, characters, and potential storylines for the sequel. These predictions showcase the creativity and enthusiasm of the Super Mario community.

The Importance of Voice Acting in Animated Films

Voice acting is a crucial element of animated films, bringing characters to life and making them memorable. The right voice actor can add depth and personality to a character, enhancing the overall viewing experience.

Bringing Characters to Life

Voice actors infuse characters with emotion, personality, and authenticity. Their performances are integral to making animated characters feel real and relatable.

Memorable Performances in Past Animated Movies

Many animated films are remembered for their exceptional voice performances. From Robin Williams as the Genie in “Aladdin” to Tom Hanks as Woody in “Toy Story,” voice actors have delivered iconic performances that define the films.


The sequel to the Super Mario Bros. Movie is one of the most anticipated animated films on the horizon. With the potential inclusion of beloved characters like Wario and the involvement of high-profile actors like Danny DeVito, the film promises to be an exciting continuation of the Mario saga. Fans can look forward to a movie that expands the Mario universe, introduces new dynamics, and brings their favorite characters to life in new and exciting ways.

  • Will Danny DeVito voice Wario in the Super Mario Bros. Movie sequel?
    • There has been significant fan speculation and excitement about Danny DeVito potentially voicing Wario in the sequel. In a recent interview, DeVito hinted that he would be open to the role, though nothing has been officially confirmed.
  • Which characters are expected to appear in the Super Mario Bros. Movie sequel?
    • While no official announcements have been made, fans are hoping to see characters like Wario, Daisy, Rosalina, and Bowser Jr. make their big-screen debut in the sequel.
  • What did Danny DeVito say about voicing Wario?
    • In an interview with Daniel Merrifield, DeVito expressed interest in voicing Wario and humorously mentioned that he would like to be well-compensated for the role, which aligns with Wario’s character.
  • Why is voice acting important in animated films?
    • Voice acting brings animated characters to life, providing them with distinct voices and personalities. A great voice actor can make a character memorable and endearing, contributing significantly to the film’s success.
  • When is the Super Mario Bros. Movie sequel expected to be released?
    • There is no official release date for the Super Mario Bros. Movie sequel yet. Fans eagerly await further announcements regarding the film’s production and release.