de Blob – Early Nintendo DS version discovered

de Blob – Early Nintendo DS version discovered

A previously undisclosed early version of the original popular de Blob game was sent to the well-known gaming YouTuber RebelTaxi by the developers of the Nintendo DS portable console.

DS Version?

Helixe was the company that was originally working on the game, but eventually it was scrapped, and it was never published on the platform. However, the sequel, titled de Blob 2, was officially made available for the Nintendo DS in the year 2011. It is not quite clear what happened with Helixe’s version of de Blob for the Nintendo DS, but it is unfortunate that it was never released to the public. THQ intended to publish both of these versions of the game. I am crossing my fingers that RebelTaxi will release a new video demonstrating how the game is played along with the rom for the game.

About de Blob

Launch a revolution and free Chroma City from a future without color by overcoming the all-powerful I.N.K.T. Corporation. You can do this by flipping, bouncing, and smashing your way through the corporation.

Color, long may you reign! Join the Color Revolutionaries in the fight against Comrade Black and his evil arsenal of hot plates, electric shocks, and ink turrets by becoming a member of the resistance.

Free The Citizens: Rescue your loved ones from a grayscale setting by bringing the city back to life while dodging ink cannons, destroying I.N.K.T. tanks, and outwitting inky warriors.

Multiplayer: Compete with up to four other players in split-screen action across eight distinct game modes to take control of Chroma City.

Paint Chroma City’s towering buildings, huge bridges, and gigantic monuments in your own unique style utilizing colors, patterns, and soundtracks that you create using custom options to save your city.