Fan-made; Detective Pikachu: A Christmas Case

Fan-made; Detective Pikachu: A Christmas Case

Detective Pikachu was released in 2019 to mostly good reviews, which is unusual for a video game movie. Despite its critical and commercial success, there are no plans for a sequel at this time, and Justice Smith says he doesn’t believe it will happen. However, a brilliant crew has decided to make a Detective Pikachu fan film for the holidays.

Detective Pikachu: A Christmas Case, written and animated by Jess the Dragoon, takes more inspiration from the game than the Ryan Reynolds feature. Jess has been hard at work on the project since it was initially revealed two years ago on Christmas Day. Fans of Detective Pikachu should like the end project, which is a 50-minute fan film. 


A Christmas Case

This is a fan animation sequel of the Detective Pikachu game by Creatures Inc. and the story is all fan fiction. Jess the Dragon highly recommends playing the game or at least checking it out before watching this.

Tim and Detective Pikachu begin A Christmas Case by enjoying some Ludicolo-served coffee. It’s the holiday season, but Tim isn’t in the mood since his father is still missing. After a few months of working on the Case of R, the pair has moved on to a new case. There’s something unusual going on in the neighborhood theater, and they’re determined to figure it out. However, a mystery force freezes all the doors shut immediately after they arrive, keeping them inside with the cast and crew. Is it possible that it’s the famous Ryme Ghost?

For a fan film, Detective Pikachu: A Christmas Case is extremely excellent. The animation, in particular, shows that a lot of work and effort gone into the production. It’s a great tribute to the series, as well as a reminder that a sequel is on the way to the Nintendo Switch… sometime.