Golden Mega Man 11 amiibo’s delivered

Golden Mega Man 11 amiibo’s delivered

A few months ago, Capcom held a special contest where they gave the winners a chance to win a very limited Golden Mega Man 11 amiibo in Japan.

10 of a kind

How rare well … actually just 10 of kind. We are not kidding, only 10 of this special amiibo where made, making it a really rare gem.

Capcom announced they’ve delivered all 10 Golden Mega Man 11 amiibo to the winners, giving us a first look at how they look in real life;

As you can tell from the photos, the amiibo comes in the same standard packaging as the regular one. It has a gold-like finish similar to the Gold Mario amiibo. 

They don’t do anything special as far as we know … but it is one of the ultimate collectors items. Also do not confuse it with the Golden Mega man Amiibo ( which came exclusively in the the Mega Man Collector’s Edition. This one is much and much rarer.