INDIE Live Expo II announced for November 7

INDIE Live Expo II announced for November 7

Ryu’s Office announced INDIE Live Expo II, a follow-up to their first INDIE Live Expo event.

Although not much has been revealed about the event’s contents, we do know that it will reveal the winners of the INDIE Live Expo awards, which can be voted for at this link until September 30.


As the first INDIE Live Expo showcased many announcements for Nintendo Switch, we could probably expect that similar announcements will be made during INDIE Live Expo II.

About INDIE Live Expo Board

They are an organization composed of volunteers working together toward the goal of increasing player awareness with regard to indie games.

This committee was initially established by Ryu’s Office – a company providing marketing solutions under the banner of “making contributions to video games“ – in order to create the INDIE Live Expo event.

INDIE Live Expo 2020 constitutes our virgin outing with the cooperation of PLAYISM, owners and operators of the PC game platform of the same name, and publishers of indie games and related products under the motto “Bringing a different breed of indie game to the world”. Why So Serious? Inc. is acting as special sponsor and collaborator in planning for the committee. In addition to these three organizations, several other companies will also be offering their support in the production and execution of this event.