Inti Creates on Blaster Master Zero 4’s future

Inti Creates on Blaster Master Zero 4’s future

The potential of a future Blaster Master Zero 4 has been addressed by Inti Creates. Satoru Nishizawa, the series’ producer from the first chapter in the series, was recently interviewed by Dengeki Online. He wouldn’t commit to anything, but he didn’t rule out the possibility of a Blaster Master Zero 4 sequel.

Nishizawa’s statements roughly translated

Blast Master Zero 3 comes to a satisfying conclusion – I know it’s a crazy question, but have you considered a potential 4?

That’s something I’m often thinking about as well!

A side-scrolling exploration adventure game with a top-down perspective is absolutely unusual, and it’s something I’d want to see more of. Making a game like that challenging…

If we don’t think the series will be popular, that’s enough for us to go on.

Of course, we won’t be able to continue marketing the game eternally, so we hope that individuals who have liked the games so far would promote them to friends who are looking for something to do. Recommending the game to others allows our community to expand even more.

Simply simply, hearing our community’s well-voiced ideas, thoughts, and evaluations is inspiring.

If things go well, there’s a chance we’ll be able to release the next game, but there’s no promise.

In 2017, the original Blaster Master Zero was released. Inti Creates followed up with a sequel in 2019. Blaster Master Zero 3 was just recently released on Nintendo Switch.

About Blaster Master Zero 3

It’s Finally Here: The Pinnacle of Mutant Blasting Action!

Blaster Master Zero 3’s top-down/side-scrolling action is back for its third chapter, and it’s more fierce than ever! In this last episode of the BMZ trilogy, series protagonist Jason returns to the planet Sophia, where the series all started, in order to rescue series heroine Eve.

After a long and grueling voyage through space in the previous game, Blaster Master Zero 2, Jason and his companion Eve finally arrive at their target, the planet Sophia. However, when they arrived, they found a new menace waiting for them.

They were ambushed, arrested, and separated from one another by Sophia’s military, the Sophia Force, without notice.

Jason’s new adventure starts on Sophia as he flees the Sophia Force base in his G-SOPHIA SV All-Terrain Battle Tank and begins his quest for Eve.

– The “Jason Saga” has come to an end!

This beautiful interplanetary adventure comes to an epic finale from the depths of planet Earth to outer space, and now beyond spatial rifts!

– Use the VRV technology to “reverse” the circumstance and construct a new way ahead!

Jason now has the ability to travel between dimensions!

Venture into super-dimensional space with the new “VRV system” and overcome hard sections utilizing the power of “reversal” as your guide.

– Enhanced Gameplay!

With the new dual SP gauge system on the G-SOPHIA SV, you’ll have more battle options!

The completely overhauled gun level system offers you instant access to five weapon kinds that grow in potency as you level up your weapon!

With the new Multi-Counter System, you can easily respond to both long-range and short-range strikes. With a simple button click, engage the perfect Blast Counter for the circumstance!