Mario Kart Tour – fastest Nintendo mobile game launch in history

Mario Kart Tour – fastest Nintendo mobile game launch in history

Mario Kart Tour has been available for a little over a week, and it has now become “Nintendo’s fastest mobile game launch in its history. Thanks to over 90 million unique downloads.

The numbers

This far surpasses the 14,3 million first week downloads that Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp received. Dr. Mario World only saw 3,6 million first week downloads.

53,5 million, or 59.5%, of Mario Kart Tour’s first week downloads were on Android. 36,5 million downloads were on iOS devices. As for regions, the United States took the lead for number of downloads, racing to 13,2 million or 14.7%. 


Mario Kart Tour has earned $12,7 million in first weeks player spending, which is third place behind Super Mario Run’s $16,1 million and Fire Emblem Heroes’ $28,2 million.  Sensor Tower does note that  “Super Mario Run features a paywall to access the full game, while Fire Emblem Heroes is completely free-to-play”.

$9.6 million of the game’s first week player spending total, or 75.5%, were from the App Store. Google Play users have spent $3,1 million or 24.5%, on Mario Kart Tour. This means that Mario Kart Tour sees an average revenue per download of $0.26 on iOS and $0.06 on Android.

The United States led the pack for revenue too, with users in the country spending nearly $5,8 million or 45.4% of the total. 

And all that and the game is not that great … sorry that is simply how I feel about it.