Mario Kart Tour – Mii Racing Suits – Wave 4 detailed, Wave 5 teased

Mario Kart Tour – Mii Racing Suits – Wave 4 detailed, Wave 5 teased

More information on the next wave of Mii racing outfits for Mario Kart Tour has been released by Nintendo. On April 19th/20th, a new outfit based on Nabbit will be launched as part of Wave 4. The second wave of outfits will be released on May 3rd, according to Nintendo.


About Mario Kart Tour

Mario Kart is going on a globe tour!

In this new Mario Kart, Mario and his buddies race across circuits inspired by real-world places as well as traditional Mario Kart courses! These locations will be highlighted in tours that will change every two weeks! In addition to courses based on well-known locations, several of your favorite Mario Kart characters will be given new versions that reflect the local flavor of places included in the game!

You can have endless Mario Kart action right at your fingertips!

The popular Mario Kart series is about to take the globe by storm — one smart device at a time! You can maneuver, drift, and throw destructive objects with just one finger as you race for the gold in cups loaded with new and vintage Mario Kart courses.

With items and Frenzy mode, take first place!

You have an arsenal of strong gadgets at your disposal in Mario Kart Tour, which may shake things up on the racetrack! Activate the new Frenzy mode, which gives you an infinite supply of a certain item and makes you unstoppable! Make the most of the pandemonium that ensues, since Frenzy mode is only active for a limited period!

Drivers, karts, badges, and more are all up for grabs!

To obtain additional drivers, karts, and gliders, earn Grand Stars by racing or firing off the featured pipe! You may also proudly display medals next to your in-game name, which you won by accomplishing particular tasks!