Mother 3 from a player’s perspective

Mother 3 from a player’s perspective

Shigesato Itoi, creator of the Mother/Earthbound series, has recently posted an interesting tweet on his personal Twitter account.

Mother 3 revisited

The creator of Mother 3 told his followers he has just played Mother 3, the last game released in Japan in 2006, through the eyes of the player at this time.

This is because, “to be frank”, he has never done that in the past, so he wants to look through the player’s perspective. It’s never too late to any game for the first time.

But it must have some purpose; both him playing and him tweeting about it.  We think it will give him better understanding of how players would feel about the game. Combine that with the facts that he noted it and you could just basically call it doing research for a new Mother / Earthbound iteration.

Or are we reading too much into this?