Netflix – Sonic Prime Animated Series teaser

Netflix – Sonic Prime Animated Series teaser

Netflix finally showed off some Sonic Prime footage, their impending Sonic The Hedgehog animated series, a little more than a year after its debut.

The quick teaser emerged at the conclusion of a “After School” animated series preview uploaded on YouTube, which also featured additional children’s programming planned by Netflix for the year. The teaser provides us our first glimpse at Sonic’s appearance in the series, as well as voice actor Deven Christian Mack’s portrayal in the part.


(begins at 1:49):

Unfortunately, no release date for the program has been revealed.

About Sonic Prime

Sonic Prime is a new Netflix 3D animated series. It will be the sixth animated program based on the Sonic the Hedgehog franchise, the second to be computer-animated after Sonic Boom, and the first to premiere on a streaming service.

Sonic Prime is billed as a “high-octane adventure” that follows Sonic and his quest to preserve a “strange new multiverse.” A “journey of self-discovery and atonement” is also stated for the program. As a result, the program will take place in the same surroundings as the Sonic games and will star Modern Sonic.