Ninjala Anime Series Debuts January 8th

Ninjala Anime Series Debuts January 8th

GungHo Entertainment said last year that a Ninjala anime was in the works, with a 2022 premiere date set. It seems that fans will not have to wait long to see the new program!

According to the official Ninjala website, the new anime series will premiere in Japan on January 8, 2022, on different television studios. If you reside outside of Japan, each episode will be presented in English for one week on the PlayNinjala official YouTube channel every Thursday at 7 p.m. (PST) beginning January 13, 2022.

About Ninjala’s Anime

Ninja-Gum is a substance that is said to amplify and pull forth the power of the Shinobi that is inside…

Burton, Berecca, and Ron, three World Ninja Association (WNA) researchers, take it upon themselves to secretly create it. They have, however, only succeeded in producing failure after failure.

However, after three years of testing, they have finally succeeded in making Ninja-Gum!

The extreme ninja fight tournament “Ninjala,” which employs Ninja-Gum, is conducted to identify the best Shinobi, but behind the scenes, there are occurrences and intrigues concerning Ninja-Gum and the presence of mysterious entities…

The Ninjala anime series, starring Burton, Berecca, Ron, Van, Emma, Jane, Kappei, and Lucy, as well as Gumchi, has begun!