Nintendo – Mario Party Superstars – 5-Second Focus Challenge

Nintendo – Mario Party Superstars – 5-Second Focus Challenge

Do you want to improve your attention span? You may now tune it up with Mario and his friends once more!

Nintendo released a new video for Mario Party Superstars called the ‘5-Second Focus Challenge,’ in which viewers are urged to pay attention to various moments from the game before answering some simple questions.


About Mario Party Superstars

All superstars are invited! The Mario Party series returns with five famous boards from the Mario Party 64 games. Race to collect as many stars as possible (while sabotaging your opponents) on boards like the bright Space Land or the eerie Horror Land! Suspend a game and start up right where you left off to party at your own pace! In Mario Party, the tides can shift suddenly, so remain alert, partygoers. All modes are also playable online!

In Mt. Minigames, you may play 100 iconic minigames from Nintendo 64 and Nintendo GameCube games, as well as others.

Try your hand at a star-studded assortment of minigames from the Mario Party franchise. There’s nothing quite like being the last one standing in Bumper Balls or the first team out of the darkness in Dungeon Duos, whether you’re saving cash for stars in board game mode or enjoying one of Mt. Minigames’ 7 modes. All minigames are controlled by buttons, so you may use the Joy-Con controller or a Nintendo Switch Pro Controller or a Nintendo Switch Lite system to play.

Whether you’re celebrating with local or international celebs, you’ll have a blast.

With same-system, local wireless, or internet play, you can have a party anytime, anyplace. As you race across the board earning stars, use stickers to compliment or annoy your fellow players. All modes enable online multiplayer, so you may play a few minigames or a 30-turn match with your pals. Victory is delicious (and snatching stars is fulfilling) no matter where you are on the planet.