Nintendo Of Canada – Choose One – full game download cards

Nintendo Of Canada – Choose One – full game download cards

Nintendo Of Canada came up with an interesting new idea for holiday shoppers unsure of what games to buy for family or friends.

Choose One

The product is a “Choose One” full game download card that can be redeemed for one of three of the Switch’s most popular games, allowing the receiver to pick whichever game out of the three best matches their tastes. One card can be redeemed for Mario Kart 8, Breath of the Wild, or Animal Crossing: New Horizons, while the other swaps out the latter two games for Super Mario 3D World and Super Mario Party.

Nintendo Switch CHOOSE ONE full game download cards

Looking for that special gift for the gamer in your life? Let them pick from a selection of three great games with a Nintendo SwitchTM full game download card for Nintendo eShop. 

Choose a card

Look for Nintendo Switch CHOOSE ONE cards at your local retailer and purchase one (or two, or three…). 

Choose a game

After you give the card to a lucky recipient (or keep it for yourself—we’re not judging!), the card holder can redeem the code on Nintendo eShop for one of the three great games listed on the front of the card.

Download and go!

Once the game is downloaded, get out your Joy-Con™ controllers and have a blast!