NintendoReporters – Hello Mushroom Kingdom

NintendoReporters – Hello Mushroom Kingdom

Hi there, nice to meet you! We are new here in the Mushroom Kingdom, we are NintendoReporters. Our goal is to raise the overall news reporting about Nintendo, and all that comes with it, to a higher level in the Netherlands and abroad.

Why NintendoReporters?

What we noticed was that most websites reporting games focused on Sony and Microsoft. We understand that because the market share of these two is a lot bigger than that of the big N. They attract a larger audience and that’s always nice when you look at the web in general.

But we find the image a bit too distorted, because on the Nintendo front a lot is happening, and that is without even mentioning the huge success of the Nintendo Switch.

In addition, to make things clear; We have NOTHING against Sony or Microsoft, we see them as our Bowser. Without a good villain like Bowser, Mario would not be such a big star. There must always be a good balance and that is also the case with competition in our opinion.

A never-pronounced rule is that Mario has respect for Bowser and vice versa.

Sun Tzu said it best in The Art of War;

“If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles. If you know yourself but not the enemy, for every victory gained you will also suffer a defeat. If you know neither the enemy nor yourself, you will succumb in every battle.”

Translated freely it means knowing your enemy, respect your enemy and never fear the result.

That does not take away from the fact that NintendoReporters are die-hard Nintendo fanboys. We have an unprecedented love for Nintendo and all they have and still mean for the gaming world as a whole. Nintendo has been the party that innovates each and every time.

Why Dutch?

There are some media in Dutch that are dedicated to reporting Nintendo news, but in a questionnaire among direct acquaintances and other gamers, those names did not even come forth. What in itself says something of course.

Nevertheless, we are pleased with the other mediums, competition (which may sound a bit negative, but we do not see it that way) makes sure that both will aspire to do their best.

The choice for Dutch as the primary language for NintendoReporters is, in particular, to meet that specific need. We want to become a medium in the Netherlands which Nintendo gamers actually DO know.

Why English?

We have deliberately chosen to make NintendoReporters multilingual, with the secondary language being English. English because frankly it is the world’s most widely spoken and understood language. But besides that, most of the news comes in an English format first.

We also want to go beyond the Netherlands to mean the necessary but … step by step. We always try to provide all content bilingual and made it so you can easily switch to English by using the language switch at the top of each page.

Who are NintendoReporters?

At the moment we are still small (a one-man team actually) and we need to see if the idea that we’re having with NintendoReporters actually works. All beginnings are small, but we are sure that we will find the shrooms to grow, just like Mario does. And do not forget Mario started his adventures solo, but look at the big Nintendo family he has now! We want to be like Mario in a lot of ways..

What can you expect from NintendoReporters?

Lots … no seriously a lot. We have a reasonable idea what we can do now and what we want to do in the future. In regard to the future we are not saying too much just yet  but what we have for now is;

Nintendo news, previews, reviews, guides, releases, editorials, interviews, rumors and polls related to theNintendo Switch, Nintendo 3DS,  all Nintendo hardware & accessoires

Zoals we al zeiden; veel dus! We hebben nu in grote lijnen ons ‘frame’ voor NintendoReporters klaar voor dit alles en nu is het verder aan ons om daar een goede invulling aan te gaan geven.

As we said, lots! We now have our ‘frame’ for NintendoReporters ready for all this and now it’s up to us to deliver on the content.

Soft launch

Yes, we’ve done a lot of work, but some things have be done semi-live to really see what it will do. That’s why we decided to start a soft launch of NintendoReporters. This makes it clear to everyone that we are still busy optimizing our ‘frame’.

And no, that does not really mean you’re working with a half-baked website, far from that to be honest. Just before we get into it technically, just believe us. (If you really want to know why we dare to say this, let us know. We like transparency but think that content is not suitable for the medium itself)

In addition, we need to provide some content in some areas (reviews, guides, interviews, editorials). As you can understand, that will cost a bit of time (also making everything bilingualism)

Actual launch

We expect to be fully ready mid/end of November so that everything is in place and that NintendoReporters can get a slightly more official opening. But we will of course keep you posted on the website.

And also through our official Social Media channels;

For now, enjoy NintendoReporters and let us know about any problems, we love your feedback and always want to make NintendoReporters better!