Pikmin Bloom to add Weekly Challenges

Pikmin Bloom to add Weekly Challenges

Pikmin Bloom will have Weekly Challenges beginning this week, according to Niantic. These will enable users to work on various goals with their pals, even if they are spread out across the globe.

The first challenge has been set: team up with pals to reach 50,000 steps. Players may join groups made by friends’ friends or build their own groups with up to five members till the group maximum is reached.

Weekly Pikmin Bloom Challenges

New “Snack” Decor Pikmin will also be released in seven different colors: Red, Yellow, Blue, White, Purple, Rock, and Winged. Each one is adorned with a different kind of delicacy, such as cookies, chocolates, or gummies. Snack Decor Pikmin may be found by exploring regions surrounding mini-marts.

On April 28, 2022, Pikmin Bloom will officially commence Weekly Challenges.

About Pikmin Bloom

All by the simple act of walking, you may grow your Pikmin, make flowers blossom, and keep track of your important memories. Today is the first day of the remainder of your Pikmin adventures, whether you’re going for a simple stroll around the block or commuting to work! Gather your friends and set off on a voyage of rediscovery where every step counts.

Walk around to get more Pikmin. With each step you take, Pikmin sprout from seedlings. When they’re large enough, pull them out and let them trail along. The further you walk, the more Pikmin join your team!

Take a walk to encourage the growth of flowers. Collect flower petals off Pikmin heads and plant them as you travel to create paths of lovely flowers in bloom everywhere you go.

Take a walk to record your memories. Check your step count and the route you traveled at the end of the day, then go through the photos you took during the day. Don’t forget to send your Pikmin on missions to collect the fruit and seedlings you passed on the way home!

There are a lot of Pikmin to meet. There are seven different varieties of Pikmin, each with their own distinct qualities. Some, for example, can fly, while others are very powerful. When your friendship level reaches a particular point, your Pikmin may return with a present containing an item that may assist them in becoming a Decor Pikmin.

Pikmin may help you overcome obstacles. Mushrooms in the area are a terrific method to harvest a lot of fruit. When you come across mushrooms that are impeding your progress, you may send your trusty Pikmin team to rush forward and clear the way.

Pikmin Bloom is presently accessible for iOS and Android devices.