Pokemon: Hisuian Snow anime first details

Pokemon: Hisuian Snow anime first details

During Pokemon Day 2022, it was reported that an internet anime series based in the Hisui area has begun production. The Pokemon Company announced today that the Pokemon Legends: Arceus anime, dubbed Pokemon: Hisuian Snow, would premiere on May 18, 2022, and provided the first information.

The Pokemon: Hisuian Snow

The series has a unique narrative. Alec, who is on a boat going towards the Hisui area, reflects about the first time his father brought him there. With three separate episodes, fans will discover about Alec’s earlier tales.


Alec is on his way to the Hisui area to look for medical plants. He is a kind young guy pursuing a career as a doctor. He once joined his father on a trip to the Hisui area as a youngster. When he was a kid, he had an adventurous and mischievous side to him.

Father of Alec

Alec’s father is a carpenter. He was originally from another location, but lately relocated to the Hisui region to get supplies. After a specific occurrence, he developed a dread of Pokémon.

Zorua (Hisuian Form)

A Spiteful Fox Pokémon found in the Hisui area. The lingering ghosts of Zorua who were forced out of their country and died are supposed to have returned to life in this form, fuelled by the strength of their anger against humans and Pokémon.

The Pokemon Company collaborated with Wit Studio to create Pokemon: Hisuian Snow. The episodes will be released on the Pokemon YouTube site and Pokemon TV.