Pokemon TCG Dark Phantasma Expansion is launching May 13th in Japan

Pokemon TCG Dark Phantasma Expansion is launching May 13th in Japan

The Pokemon Company has unveiled the next expansion for the Pokemon Trading Card Game, which will be available next month.

The expansion is named “Dark Phantasma,” and it will include cards based on Hisuian Zoroark, Hisuian Goodra, and Shiny Gardevoir. It is scheduled to premiere in Japan on May 13th, 2022, and will probably make its worldwide debut shortly after that.

About Dark Phantasma Expansion

Pokemon V STAR, Pokemon V that brings a fresh air

VSTAR Jade Zoroark

A rising star with very adaptable “VSTAR power” is expected!

The “VSTAR Power” feature “Phantom Star” is really helpful since you can trash all of your hands and then get 7 decks. “Curly chop” is a strong technique that can do up to 300 damage using two colorless energies. Expect to be active on benches, battlefields, and anywhere else you find yourself!

It is particularly appealing because, being a colorless type, it is adaptable enough to slot in any deck without issue.

Do not be afraid to oppose God’s death!

“Utsurogari” is an energy-free maneuver that allows you to return to the bench while destroying it. Even if this Pokemon comes in the early phases of the fight, it may be replaced by a bench Pokemon without any extra preparation.

VSTAR Jade Goodra

It’s quite tough and has even totally healed!

The maximum HP is 270, while the damage of the trick “Iron Rolling” may be as low as “-80.” Furthermore, the “VSTAR Power” feature “Moist Star” allows you to completely restore your HP!

It is difficult to slay it with a single strike since it is a dragon with no weak areas, and its robustness chases down the opponent.

Disturb, persevere, and V development!

Pokemon V has the ability to develop into Jade Goodra V STAR. The fight Pokemon and the bench Pokemon in the opponent’s place are switched and disturbed in the trick “Nururi Kobasu.” With the “Shell Rolling” technique, you may attack your opponent while lowering the amount of damage you take.

You can completely heal with “Moist Star” if you can tolerate it and develop into Jade Goodra VSTAR.

Shining gardevoir

A new option for bright Pokemon.

Defend all of your pals from Pokemon V!

All of your Pokemon may deal “-20” damage from Pokemon V if they have the trait “Jiai no Veil.” It is simple to use since it is a Tane Pokemon, and it may ambush the opponent’s calculation.

The opponent who attempts to beat it with a major trick will be retaliated against with the trick “Psychokinesis,” which will do greater harm as the opponent’s energy is higher!

Pokemon that are distinctive and powerful, having unique techniques and qualities


Appear unexpectedly on the bench!

The distinctive “Naraku no Uramon” lets you to bypass the rubbish and get straight to the bench. There is no need to develop!

If you walk to the bench in this manner, you may place three nasty cans on yourself, increasing the damage of his Zoroark VSTAR technique “Cursing,” which is quite effective when performed simultaneously.

A Pokemon with the ability to develop into Gengar. The region is illuminated by bonfires in the backdrop.

A Pokemon with the ability to evolve into a ghost.

Play a joke on the toys and grin brightly!

Zoroark, Jade

Tighten your opponent without using any energy!

The technique “Hametsu no Curse,” which makes the receiving Pokemon squeal, may be utilized without using any energy at the conclusion of the following opponent’s turn.

Let’s employ it when we’ve devised it to keep the opponent from fleeing the battlefield!

Zorua, Jade

It is a Pokemon that has the ability to develop into Jade Zoroark.

That glum expression might be the result of a grudge.

Trainers to improve different decks

Damage Pump

Combo is also an option; just replace the faulty can!

Goods that let you to swap out up to two Damekan on your Pokemon as you see fit.

On addition to upsetting the opponent’s calculations, if you use it to raise the number of Pokemon in your field with a poor can, you may boost the damage of Jade’s Zoroark VSTAR technique “Curse.”

Lake H

Strengthen the water type and combat type decks.

A stadium in which Pokemon with water or fighting energy suffer “-20” damage from their opponents.

It is effective against every Pokemon, but you may battle even more tenaciously if you use it in conjunction with Jade Goodra VSTAR, which uses water energy to utilize the techniques.

Japanese pampas grass

If you satisfy the requirements, you may draw four cards!

You may draw four decks if you add “Jade” to the name of your Battle Pokemon.

If you don’t, you may still draw two decks, but to get the most of them, place them in a deck with a lot of Pokemon with “jade” in their names.


Bring a plethora of evolving Pokemon!

Support allows you to choose up to three evolved Pokemon from the deck that are not “Pokemon with rules” and add them to your hand.

Pokemon VMAX and Pokemon VSTAR cannot be chosen since they are “Pokemon with rules,” yet even if they are, they are strong because you may summon a large number of them.

Luxury mirror specification card

In addition to conventional cards, there are specially processed cards with beautiful mirror qualities!