Sensor Tower: Dragalia $75 million in worldwide revenue

Sensor Tower: Dragalia $75 million in worldwide revenue

Sensor Tower has released some more data in regards to Dragalia Lost.  According to Sensor Tower, player spending in the Cygames-developed RPG has just surpassed $75 million worldwide.


That is the total  on the App Store and Google Play, having reached the $50 million milestone in early December. This has already surpassed the $68.6 million and estimated $70,8 million life-to-date gross revenue that Super Mario Run and Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp have made, respectively.

Origin of the numbers

Sensor Tower says that “Japan has accounted for about 65 percent of Dragalia Lost’s $75 million grossed to date, while the United States is its second largest market at 18 percent of revenue. The title ranked No. 29 for mobile game revenue in Japan last month, while it was No. 120 in the United States”.

Dragalia Lost generated close to $15,700,000 in player spending in January. Sensor Tower explained that this is “76% of the $20,700,000 million grossed by Fire Emblem Heroes for the month”. What makes this even more impressive is that “Dragalia Lost achieved this from just five countries, compared to the 40 where Fire Emblem Heroes is available”.

All in all Dragalia is doing great for Nintendo.