Shigeru Omori aims to make popular Pokemon games

Shigeru Omori aims to make popular Pokemon games

Game Freak posted a new item on their recruiting website that entices individuals to work for the firm and be a part of the Pokemon franchise’s future.  Shigeru Omori, director of the very successful Pokemon Sword and Shield, is one among those.

In the article, he said that his and the development team’s major objective is to use new technology to help build Pokemon games that “provide the impression that Pokemon exists and lives among us.” 

The future of Pokemon games

Even after 20 years, the Pokemon franchise is still going strong. Omori says that even if he thinks that the game is perfect, there are always new ideas after the project is over. He added that Pokemon will continue to change with new technology, new development teams and with new ways of playing games. Omori wants to create Pokemon games that gamers desire, and give the feeling that Pokemon exists and lives with us.

It might be surprising to hear that every Pokemon title is made in an entirely different way. Team members try not to rely on experience, and enjoy tackling the new challenge given to them. Iwao emphasised that no matter the work, if you do it long enough it will eventually become tedious. With Game Freak however, there are always new opportunities and positions, and being able to join in gear projects means it never gets repetitive and never gets boring.

With the vast amount of experience spanning over 20 years, a unique system that allows youths to experience failure and success and a company continuing to change generations, Pokemon will continue to evolve.

Pokemon Legends: Arceus, the next installment in the Pokemon series, will be released on January 28th.