Square Enix – Gex trademark in Europe, will he make a comeback?

Square Enix – Gex trademark in Europe, will he make a comeback?

On December 15th 2021, Square Enix filed a trademark for Gex in Europe. For those who may not be aware, Gex was a series of action platformers developed by Crystal Dynamics back in the 90s, of which two entries Gex: Enter The Gecko, and Gex 3: Deep Cover Gecko were released for the Nintendo 64.

What’s next for Gex?

Gex was notably among the properties included in the Square Enix Collective, an initiative announced back in 2015 where Square would allow developers to create games based on a number of old IPs under their ownership. This has led to speculate that a triumphant return for Gex could be on the horizon, although it could also be a hint that his games could be heading to the Nintendo Switch Online Expansion’s N64 catalogue.

The Gex games

Gex is a platform video game trilogy, developed by Crystal Dynamics, that details the adventures of an anthropomorphic gecko named Gex. He has served as the mascot of Crystal Dynamics, appearing on their company logo for several years until 2000. In the North American version, Gex is voiced by comedian Dana Gould throughout the entire series; the United Kingdom version features Gould, Leslie Phillips and Danny John-Jules as Gex’s voice throughout the series. Gex was voiced by Mitsuo Senda for the Japanese release of the second game.

The games are largely inspired by American TV culture. Gex contributes to the games with wise-cracking remarks laced with media and references to popular culture.