Square Enix President – Streaming is the future

Square Enix President – Streaming is the future

Streaming seems to play a big role in the next generation consoles. Whether you look at Microsoft and Sony they are both exploring these options.

In a new year message from Square Enix president Yosuke Matsuda, he stated that he believes that streaming will be the future of video games. It will certainly be interesting to see how this all plays out.

Against this backdrop of significant change, the current generation of game consoles has entered the late stage, and the next generation of consoles has become a topic of discussion in the digital entertainment industry.

Cloud streaming

Meanwhile, cloud streaming services for gaming have at last begun to show signs of taking off. Streaming is likely to bring a number of new platform operators into the market in addition to the existing console providers, while platform holders are also joining the PC gaming space.

These developments produce a growing number of avenues through which game publishers and developers can provide content. In particular, game streaming services will be the ultimate driver of a rapid transition from the sale of games in boxes to digital consumption.

Streaming also lends itself to new subscription-based business models, so we believe deciding how to engage with these forthcoming trends will be key to future growth.

How do you feel about the possibilities of streaming when it comes to gaming?