Star Fox Grand Prix – A Fake to uncover leakers?

Star Fox Grand Prix – A Fake to uncover leakers?

Over 2 years ago, news about a possible upcoming Star Fox racing game titled Star Fox Grand Prix from Retro Studios leaked.  Many fans were skeptical but also excited to see Star Fox finally make a return to a Nintendo console .

Since Star Fox Zero released to much disappointment on the Wii U we did not see a mainline Star Fox title.

Was it all a hoax?

ValveNewsNetwork came out with information revealing that Star Fox Grand Prix was created as a fake leak by Nintendo of America to uncover any employees that were leaking information.

Yes you read that right, they are claiming Nintendo faked a game to flush out leakers. And while that in itself could be a thing for sure. I am not convinced.

Let’s look at some facts;

During this time, Retro Studios were actually working on a new action IP that has now been cancelled in favor of development of Metroid Prime 4.  What the title was … nobody seems to know though.

They allowed Ubisoft to work with the IP on Starlink: Battle for Atlas, too much joy of the Nintendo community. And maybe even to see how much interest there is in Star Fox on Nintendo Switch.

But would Nintendo treat it’s beloved Star Fox IP like that?  I for one don’t think they would. There a better ways to flush out leakers than to potentially harm your IP.

Still I would love a mainline or racing game featuring Fox, Falco, Peppy and even Slippy … but we will have to wait and see if that ever happens.

What do you all think?