Super Nintendo World Website and Mario Kart Ride Promo Leaked

Super Nintendo World Website and Mario Kart Ride Promo Leaked

On Vimeo, fans discovered a set of hidden video clips that appeared to be previews for the official Super Nintendo World website, speculated to belong to the web designer.

The hidden video clips provide viewers with an extensive tour of the site, including design renders, transitions, and more. The videos even go as far as to show off pictures of real people enjoying some of the rides and attractions that will be present when the park opens, specifically the Mario Kart ride.

Super Nintendo World – Ride details

The videos contain additional details about the Mario Kart and Yoshi rides, “Toad’s Cafe”, and more:

The Mario Kart ride, which according to this is potentially named ‘Mario Kart: Koopa’s Challenge‘ is described as the following:

  • A number of courses full of surprises, appear in front of you with the latest technology unique to the park!
  • Ride Time: ~5 minutes
  • Number of Riders: 4
  • Height Restrictions: 42″ (106.7cm)

The Yoshi ride, potentially named Yoshi’s Adventure is described as the following:

Get on Yoshi’s back, follow Captain Kinopio and set off on a treasure hunt adventure, look at the mushroom kingdom from Mount Beanpole and have fun!

The area’s restaurant will potentially be named Kinopio’s Cafe.

The companion mobile phone app which might be named Mobile Mario is described as the following:

  • Link your smartphone to see play history, coins, and digital stamps! Game data can also be accessed at special checkpoints.
  • By linking in with your smartphone you can take your fun to the next level. Turn your journey to Super Nintendo World into a super game. Collect coins and stamps and check your ranking. Climb to the top of the table to be number one!

A lot of info which seems pretty much set in stone. I personally hope that the whole pandemic goes away at a certain point and we can take a trip to Japan to check it all out. Because it all sounds like I would love it!