Team Octopath Traveler – higher gear

Team Octopath Traveler – higher gear

With Octopath Traveler last summer an RPG pearl appeared. The team behind this game was also responsible for well-received Bravely Default games for the Nintendo 3DS.

Producer Tomoya Asano has announced in an interview with Japanese Nintendo Dream that the development team will be expanded and that he would like to see a higher gear when it comes to releases.

Higher gear

Previously there were about three years each between releases (if we assume the Japanese launch): Bravely Default appeared in 2012 for Nintendo 3DS, Bravely Second: End Layer also followed in 2015 for Nintendo 3DS and earlier this year appeared Octopath Traveler on the Nintendo Switch.

It looks like people want to reduce the cycle in the future. Asano was able to tell the following (rough translated):

With Bravely Default, Bravely Second and Octopath Traveler, we have released 1 game every 3 years. We are currently expanding our development team and hope to increase the pace of our releases. We will go into higher gear. We continue to create core RPGs, especially for Square Enix RPGs fans around the world. If you enjoyed Octopath Traveler, then look forward to the future!

It is currently unknown as to what kind of project the team has gone to work on after Octopath Traveler.