The first music album to be published on a Nintendo 64 cartridge is R64

The first music album to be published on a Nintendo 64 cartridge is R64

R64 is the first music album published on a Nintendo 64 cartridge that makes use of the system’s audio capabilities, according to German artist Remute. This is neither an embedded MP3 player, compressed WAV files, or any other sort of “cheating,” according to Remute. Rather, “the console generates and plays back the sound on this cartridge in realtime, and it all happens inside a measly 8 Megabytes of storage capacity!” The cartridge music album for your Nintendo 64 includes 15 tracks ranging from electro pop to “sinister techno and house excursions,” and it’s region-free.


About R64

For R64, Remute teamed with Rasky, with Rasky providing the GUI and sound engine, as well as developing a 3D visual experience to go along with the music. The album may be preordered for €39.99 on Bandcamp, with a March 25, 2022 release date. For €49.99, you may get a “Plus Edition” that includes a blue 7″ vinyl with three more songs. The first two tracks are alternate takes of album songs, while the third is a one-of-a-kind tune named “Tradition and Superposition.”

To celebrate the arrival of R64, Remute has made a weird little video riffing on a classic. Previously, the musician recorded albums for the Sega Genesis, SNES, TurboGrafx-16, and Game Boy systems. Later this year, albums for the Game Boy Advance and Dreamcast will be released.