Ubisoft – Contributor Patrick Plourde leaving

Ubisoft – Contributor Patrick Plourde leaving

Patrick Ploude has been at Ubisoft for nearly two decades. Child of Light, Watch Dogs 2, and Far Cry 3 were all directed by him.

Ploude announced his departure from the company earlier today, saying he will join an independent consulting firm. Ploude “will provide assistance to some of our creative directors, at their request, and to the Editorial team on certain projects,” according to Ubisoft.


However, it is critical to highlight that Patrick Plourde has been named as one of the primary contributors to the company’s toxic work atmosphere, harassment, abuse, and discrimination. Indeed, A Better Ubisoft, an organization created by numerous current and former Ubisoft employees, chastised the business late last year for retaining Plourde as VP of editorial “despite multiple misconduct accusations filed against him.”

Changes are working?

It remains to be seen whether Plourde’s departure will result in a better working climate for Ubisoft’s workers.

A Better Ubisoft, on the other hand, issued a statement just a few months ago claiming that, despite numerous departures from the firm, progress has been glacial and that Ubisoft has yet to listen to the four demands that they have consistently made.