Ubisoft – Multiple companies are looking into a buyout acquisition

Ubisoft – Multiple companies are looking into a buyout acquisition

Following the acquisitions of Bethesda and Activision Blizzard, it seems that another big publisher in the industry may be taken out in the near future in Ubisoft.


According to Bloomberg, Ubisoft, the maker of Assassin’s Creed, Rayman, and other well-known IPs, has sparked interest from “many private equity groups,” including big takeover players Blackstone and KKR & Co. Although “real conversations” have yet to take place as of this writing, it is uncertain if Ubisoft’s key shareholders are interested in pursuing a purchase.


A related story by Kotaku claims that Ubisoft has been examining several sections of its company via external consultant companies, indicating that a takeover might be near. According to the source, Ubisoft is “cleaning up its finances” in preparation for a possible sale, but this might just be routine preparations for the company’s future.

What will happen to Ubisoft?

This isn’t the first time Ubisoft has faced a hostile takeover attempt. Vivendi, a French corporation, is said to have tried a hostile takeover of Ubisoft by buying up its shares in 2016, however the move failed. However, Ubisoft Chairman Yves Guillemot recently said the following concerning a prospective takeover:

In order for Ubisoft to stay independent, we have always made choices in the best interests of our stakeholders, which include our gamers, staff, and shareholders.” We have the skills, the industrial and financial clout, and a sizable IP portfolio…

However, if an offer to acquire us came in, the board of directors would, of course, evaluate it in the best interests of all stakeholders.