3DS after 2019 still supported

3DS after 2019 still supported

Nintendo recently published its annual results. To explain these figures a bit more, there was also an investor meeting. Among other things, it said that the 3DS will continue to be supported until after 2019.

Old console support

When a new console or a new handheld comes onto the market, the old model is often quickly forgotten. This was good at the arrival of the Nintendo DS. This was put on the market as a third pillar next to the GameCube (GCN) and GameBoy Advance (GBA).

Still, that did not work and the GBA quickly disappeared in the background because you had a new console that was more powerful, two screens had … easy peasy right.

With the arrival of the Nintendo Switch it was clear that it would follow the WiiU. That no or little games will come out for this system will not surprise anyone. The console just had a lot of bad luck in that area since the marketing was bad.

The doubt, however, was that Nintendo Switch could also replace the 3DS because of the mobile aspect of the Switch. Nintendo has now said that the 3DS will certainly be supported until 2019 and beyond.

And we do not think this is the best choice; Nintendo has so much success with the Nintendo Switch and a game that comes out on both systems, while your choice will always stand out on the Nintendo Switch side right?

What is planned for the 3DS?

The coming year there are several titles on the program, for example Sushi Striker comes to the 3DS, Captain Toad makes the switch to this handheld and Wario also gets his own game. A port of Luigi’s Mansion is also expected this year.

For 2019 we have received one title so far: Mario & Luigi: Bowsers Inside Story. The titles that will be published are not yet known.

For now, there is still plenty to do for people with a 3DS.

What do you think is this a good move from Nintendo? We would also like to hear from 3DS owners what they think.