1 Million units in China, reportedly largest console seller

1 Million units in China, reportedly largest console seller

Nintendo teamed up with Tencent to officially launch the Nintendo Switch in China. Since then, it looks like the hybrid console has made quite a splash.

According to an official statement by Tencent Holdings Ltd, Nintendo Co Ltd shipped 1 million Nintendo Switch consoles in China since its Chinese launch at the end of 2019.

This figure is larger than both the Xbox One and PS4’s China sales numbers combined for the same period – which means that Nintendo is most likely China’s biggest console device seller right now.

A good start in China

While the recent COVID-19 pandemic likely stymied some of the Nintendo Switch’s sales in China, Reuters noted that the August release of Ring Fit Adventure eventually helped to boost consumers’ demand for the console.

Commenting on these sales figures, a Tencent spokesman added that this was “a good start”, and that “the games published on Nintendo Switch (China-Exclusive Version) have been well received by the market.”

Tencent’s version of the Nintendo Switch is China-locked and can only play specific titles approved by Chinese regulators. Nevertheless, it looks like the console is still doing pretty well there!